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Press Releases

Insurance emergency money loans law to be amended                                                              wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.fw

(” New Vision -01  May , 2013″)

The Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) is to shift from compliance-based supervision to risk-based supervision to increase sector flexibility in line with global standards.

This will require amendment’s to the Insurance Act 2000.

Risk-based supervision will ensure that insurance players maintain capital adequate to meet the risks they face while allowing the IRA to allot more time to supervision of riskier sector players.

“We already have elements of riskbased supervision, however, the insurance law will have to be amended to allow for a shift to risk-based supervision from compliance-based supervision,” said Kadunabbi Lubega, the IRA executive director.

“A consultant has drafted a report about risk-based supervision for the IRA. Another consultant will guide us on what needs to be done to implement the new supervisory regime,” he added.

Lubega was speaking at the insurance payday loans no credit check no fees sector CEO’s meeting at the Golf Gourse Hotel recently. Dipan Shah, the Kiboko Financial Services boss, noted that the new supervisory regime will require levels of debt, liabilities, inflation and monetary policy in the computation of risk faced by insurance players.

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Kiboko in 20th anniversary fete        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.fw

(” Observer – 30 Sep 2012 “)

Last Friday, the Lake View gardens at Speke Resort Munyonyo was the venue as Kiboko Enterprises marked 20 years in Uganda.

Guests flocked in as late as 8pm in support of the Kiboko family and its products. Kiboko is a manufacturing and distribution company.

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KACITA wants manufacturers to boost consumer awareness                                                                     eweweweewewwewewewewewewewewewewew.fw

(” New Vision – 24 Jul  2012″)

Strengthening consumer awareness by payday loans 100 manufacturers should be considered as one of the cardinal tools for countering the proliferation of counterfeit products on the market, according to Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA).
The body board chairman Everest Kayondo said that the escalation of fake products gains ground because consumers lack awareness from manufacturers on how to distinguish genuine products from fake ones.
“Consumers are losing money and their lives are exposed to risks because of buying and consuming counterfeit and fake products. This problem is getting rampant because most manufacturers don’t integrate the element of differentiation in their marketing strategy to enable customers take rational and risk-free choices,” he said.

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Drugs Factory to Save Government $5 Million Annually


(” All Africa – 11 Oct  2011″)

President Yoweri Museveni last week officially opened the first infusion plant fast cash loans for bad credit people in Uganda. The $20m plant is the largest in East Africa although there are two others manufacturing the same products in Kenya.

The plant is owned by Abacus Parenteral Drugs Limited (APDL) that won the investor of the year award for 2009. It manufactures life saving intravenous fluids, a first line treatment for people who are severely sick and are unable to take oral medicines.

It is also the recommended treatment for people involved in accidents and those undergoing operations. The intravenous fluids were previously imported from India.

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President to open Abacus drug factory                                                              

(” New Vision – 13 Feb 2010“)

PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni will today commission the $20m (sh39b) factory owned by Abacus Parenteral

Drugs Ltd (APDL), the biggest producers of intravenous drugs in the Great Lakes region.

The Mukono-based state-of-the-art plant started operating secured loan rates last year, boosting the local health care sector that had predominantly depended on the importation similar drugs from Europe and India .

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Abacus Parenteral crowned 2009 investor of the year


(” Daily Monitor – 25 Jan  2010 “)

Mukono based Abacus Parenteral Drugs Ltd known for the production of Intravenous (IV) fluids was crowned overall gold winner for the investor of the year 2009 trouncing 23 finalists.
The company responded to the government’s call for increased investment in manufacturing of pharmaceutical Drugs in producing IV fluids commonly used in injections, eye and ear drops.
Abacus invested over $18.9 million (Shs36.8 billion) in acquisition of a plant and machinery to produce IV fluids thereby saving the country from importing the drugs from India and Europe.
Through its expansion the company created employment to need a loan now with bad credit 270 Ugandans, especially taking on fresh graduates of Industrial Chemistry from Uganda’s major Universities.

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Firm invests sh40b on liquid drug production


(” New Vision” –25 Oct  2009)

ABACUS Parenteral Drugs is to build a $12m (sh22.2b) drug plant to make intravenous drugs, water for injections and ion drops near Mbalala in Mukono by November.

The facility is funded by the PTA Bank, will employ 200 people and export some of the drugs to the neighbouring countries.
The firm’s directors Ramesh Babu and Rangaraj Iyengar met Semakula Kiwanuka, state minister for investment, who said the Government supports their investment and will give them incentives.

“We have already secured 35 acres near Mbalala on Jinja Road for the factory. It will make 25 million bottles of intravenous fluids, 40 million bottles of water for injections and 10 million bottles of water for the ion drops,” Babu said.

“The short term loans bad credit direct lenders machinery will cost $6m, 4,000 square metres of building $5m and working capital of $1m,” he said.
Babu said no company in the region is making the products.

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Abacus to build $12m drug plant


(” New Vision – 09 Sep 2006″)

BARELY a year after Ugandans witnessed the launch of the Luzira-based Quality Chemicals Pharmaceuticals that manufactures anti-retroviral drugs, another investor has come in to manufacture liquid medication also known as parenteral drugs.

Parenteral drugs are in fluid form and are administered through the veins. They are prescribed to patients with cases such as trauma, stroke, loss of blood, dehydration, vomiting and general body weakness.

The development has seen Abacus Parenterals Drugs Ltd (APDL) establish a sh40b manufacturing complex in Mukono for exclusively parenterals production, making it the first of its kind in the Great Lakes Region.

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